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Statement Of Purpose



Registered Manager:  Dr C Tiwari
Practice Manager:       Mrs Jane Goddard

Under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (The Care Quality Commission (Registration) Regulations 2009 Part 4), the registering body (The Westwood Road Health Centre) is required to provide to the Care Quality Commission a Statement of Purpose.

Our Aims and Objectives:

  • Provide a high standard of medical care
  • Be committed to our patients needs
  • Act with integrity and complete confidentiality
  • Be courteous, approachable, friendly and accommodating
  • Ensure safe and effective services and environment
  • To improve as a patient centred service through decision making and communication
  • To maintain out motivated and skilled work teams
  • Through monitoring and auditing continue to improve our healthcare services
  • Maintain high quality of care through continuous learning and training
  • To guide our employees in accordance with diversity and equality
  • To ensure effective and robust information governance systems
  • Treat all patients and staff with dignity, respect and honesty.

Our purpose is to provide people registered with the practice withpersonal health care of high quality and to seek continuous improvement on the health status of the practice population overall.  We aim to achieve this by developing and maintaining a happy, sound practice which is responsive to people’s needs and expectations and which reflects wherever possible the latest advances in Primary Health Care


The Primary Health Care Team

The Partner


Advance Nurse Prescriber

Chris Stone
Chris is an advanced Clinician who skills allow her to review and prescribe for patients in minor illness clinics.

The Practice Nurse

Sara Lang
Sara Lang is a well-qualified and highly experienced practice nurse. She performs routine nursing procedures that include wound/ulcer dressing, injections, blood tests, suture removal and health checks. She has a wide range of skills in the field of asthma, diabetes, family planning and travellers' health.

Our Healthcare Assistants/Phlebotomists

Rosemary Charlton and Sue Nipps
Our two healthcare assistants run an appointment service for blood pressure and pulse, they also qualified to take blood and urine tests as well as ECG’s, healthy living screening and breathing tests that include peak flow and spirometry.

Practice Staff

Practice Manager

Jane Goddard
The Practice Manager is Mrs Jane Goddard who has been with the practice for 25 years. She is here to ensure that all our patients are met with a high quality service and that the consistently high standards that the practice aims for are met and maintained. Jane is in overall charge and responsible for the smooth running of the practice. 

Reception Team

Our receptionists are a team of highly professional individuals who are your first point of contact when you are dealing with the practice. They are there to ensure you receive the best possible service.

The reception team man the reception desk, arrange various appointments, pass on information (such as blood results), explain our services and answer the emergency telephone line.

Medical Secretary

We have 2 medical secretaries who deal with the doctors’ referral letters to hospitals and liaises with hospital staff and patient enquiries. 

Administration Team

The Administration Team is responsible for updating and summarising patients’ medical records, for the repeat prescribing service, for organising the specialised clinics, for ensuring that our IT Systems are functioning properly, and undertake regular audits of our achievements. 

Each team member has full knowledge of the services the practice has to offer.  All the members of the staff are happy to assist you with any enquiries. 

The Practice

Westwood Road Health Centre covers two other surgeries:-

Whitley Wood Lane Surgery and Overdown Road Surgery

Home Visits

All requests for this service will receive a phone call from a doctor.

Please make requests for this service before 10.00 am to enable us to provide an efficient service.  Wherever possible try to attend the surgery; this will often mean you will be seen quicker, and better facilities are available for your treatment.  If you need a urgent visit please make this clear in order that the doctor receives the correct message and can take the appropriate action.

Out of Hours

The 111 service provides out of hours emergency cover for our patients. In the case of emergencies telephone the usual surgery number and you will be advised to call 111

Only call this number if the problem is urgent and will not wait until 8.00am the next morning.

NHS Direct are also available to help and advise out of hours; call 0845 4647 or visit their website

Booking Appointments

Telephone 01189427421 and our Reception staff will help you. 

We have limited appointments that can be booked in advance. Please phone reception between 8.00 and 10.00 on the day you wish to be seen we can guarantee that you will be seen the same morning

Extended Hours

The surgery offers extended hours on:-

Thursday evening to 7.30 pm

 3rd Saturday of every month  9.00 – 1.00 p.m

These appointments are especially beneficial to those patients who find daytime appointments difficult.

 Please note we have recently combined our extended hours access service with Pembroke surgery (31 Alexandra road) and Kennet Surgery. This now enables patients to have access to appointments with 3 Saturday morning sessions a month as well as an increase in evening sessions. Please ask at reception for full contact details.


Authorised prescription requests will be dealt with, within two working days using the repeat order sheet. 

Our patients are also able to order repeat medication through our website.

Management of chronic disease

This encompasses a wide range of conditions which require long term treatment and care.  Our priority is to ensure this care is ongoing and appropriate; to this end we shall endeavour to review patients’ medication on an annual basis.  Diabetic, Stroke, CHD, Respiratory Clinics are regularly held throughout the year.

General Nursing Care

Our nurses provide wound care, contraceptive services, minor illness, smoking cessation advice, well person checks, new patient checks, blood pressure monitoring and travel advice; they also perform vaccinations, ear syringing and smear tests.

Maternity Services

Midwife clinics are held regularly at the surgery.  The doctors also provide ante-natal and postnatal care.

Cervical Screening

This service is provided by specially trained nurses. 

Family Planning and Contraceptive Services

This is provided by doctors and nurses.  Nurses are able to provide follow up contraception monitoring for all methods initiated by the doctor.

Child Health Surveillance

Baby clinics are held weekly at the surgery by our nurse team with support from a doctor.

Vaccinations and Immunisations

The Practice strongly supports childhood immunisation programme.  All routine childhood immunisations are performed at the surgery by a nurse following an automatic invitation from the Local Health Authority.

The Surgery offers all ‘at risk’ patients the seasonal influenza vaccine from September to January every year.

Foreign Travel Health Advice

Our nurses have been trained to provide an up to date service that includes vaccinations if necessary (please note that there is a charge for some vaccinations). 

Prior to appointment patients will need to fill in a ‘Travel Form’ which can be picked up from Reception.  This form is to be filled in by the patient and left for the nurse who will contact the patient. 


We have the services of a part-time NHS Counsellor who offers up to six sessions per patient.

Weight Loss Clinic

Appointments are led by our Practice nurse to offer help, support and advice to patients who want to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Smoking Cessation

Appointments are led by the Practice nurse to support and advise patients who wish to quit smoking.


Clinics are held every morning.  Our Health Care Assistant will undertake blood tests in the surgery.

Well Persons Check

These are carried out by the Practice Nurse.

Access to Patient Information

All patient information is considered to be confidential and we comply fully with the Data Protection Act.   All employees have access to this information in relation to their role and have signed a Confidentiality Agreement.  Information may be shared, in confidence, with other NHS organisations in the interests of patient care.

Confidential patient data will be shared within the health care team at the practice and with other health care professions to whom a patient is referred.  Those individuals have a professional and contractual duty of confidentiality.

Confidential and identifiable information relating to patients will not be disclosed to other individuals without their explicit consent.  Unless it is a matter of life and death or there is a serious risk to the health and safety of the patients or it is overwhelmingly in the public interest to do so.   In these circumstances the minimum identifiable information that is essential to serve a legal purpose may be revealed to another individual who has a legal requirement to access the date for the given purpose.

That individual will also have a professional and/or contractual duty of confidentiality.  Data will otherwise be anonymised if possible before disclosure if this would serve the purpose for which data is required.

Data Protection Policy

The Practice is committed to security of patients and staff records.

The Practice will take steps to ensure that individual patient information is not deliberately or accidentally released or (by default) made available or accessible to a third party without the patient’s consent, unless otherwise legally compliant.  This will include training on Confidentiality issues, DPA principles, working security procedures, and the application of Best Practice in the workplace.

The Practice will undertake prudence in the use of, and testing of, arrangements for the backup and recovery of data in the event of an adverse event.

The Practice will maintain a system of “Significant Event Reporting” through a no-blame culture to capture and address incidents which threaten compliance.

DPA issues will form part of the Practice ‘General procedures’ for the management of Risk.

Specific instructions will be documented within confidentiality and security instructions and will be promoted to all staff.

Patients Rights and Responsibilities

You have a right to a high standard of care from our practice and we will try at all times to provide the very best are possible within the resources available. 

In order to assist us in this we require that you take full responsibility for ensuring that you do not abuse the service.  For example, it is your responsibility to ensure that you keep medical appointments and follow the medical advice given.  In addition, if you feel that your medical problem is complicated, or you have more than one problem to discuss with the doctor, we would suggest that you consider making more than one appointment.  Please remember that your appointment is for you alone and your doctor will not be able to give medical advice to anyone accompanying you unless they have made a separate appointment.

Very occasionally a practice/patient relationship breaks down completely.  In this situation the patient may choose to register with a different practice.  The practice also has the right to remove that patient from their list.   This would generally only follow a warning that had failed to remedy the situation and we would normally give the patient a specific reason for the removal.

You have the right to express a preference of practitioner when you make an appointment. 

Violent Patients – Zero Tolerance

The NHS operates a Zero Tolerance Policy with regard to violence and abuse and the practice has the right to remove violent patients from the list with immediate effect in order to safeguard practice staff, patients and other persons.

Violence in this context includes actual or threatened physical violence or verbal abuse which leads to fear for a person’s safety.

In this situation we are obliged to notify the patient in writing of their removal from the list and record in the patient’s medical records the fact of the removal and the circumstances leading to it.  West Berkshire NHS is then responsible for providing further medical care for such patients.

Comments, Suggestions and Complaints

We welcome comments and suggestions on our service.  If we fail to provide the highest care possible, please make any observations known to our Practice Manager who will, where appropriate, use our ‘complaints procedure’ to try to correct the problem,

All our staff are here to help you.

General Information


Access to Health Records

The Data Protection Act allows you to find out what information about you is held on computer.  This applies to your health records.  If you want to see them, you should make a written request to the Practice.  You are entitled to receive a copy, but should note that a charge will be made.


A Carer is someone who, without payment, provides help and support to a partner, child, relative, friend or neighbour who could not manage without their help.  This could be due to age, physical or mental illness, substance misuse or disability.  Anyone can become a carer, carers come from all walks of life, all cultures and can be of any age.

Please inform our Reception staff if you are a Carer or are cared for by another person.  This will alert us to your possible needs in this role.

Change of Personal Details

Patients are asked to notify the Practice as soon as possible of any change of name, address or telephone number; not forgetting to indicate all the persons involved in the change.  In an emergency this could be absolutely vital.


Should you need a professional chaperone present at a consultation or procedure then please alert reception staff who can ensure that a health care assistant is available for the appointment.  A joint appointment will be booked. 


As you are aware, we ask you for personal information in order that you can receive appropriate care and treatment.  This information is recorded on a computer; consequently, we are registered under the Data Protection Act.

The Practice will ensure that patient confidentiality is maintained at all times, by all members of the practice team.  However, for the effective functioning of a multi-disciplinary team, which is what we are, it is sometimes necessary that medical information about you is shared with other members of the team.

Policy on Environmental Management

We recognise the need to minimise any adverse environmental effects caused as a result of its activities or products, achieving our business objectives in a manner that reflects the changing environmental priorities of our patients and the community.  It acknowledges responsibility for and a commitment to protection of the environment at all levels.  Westwood Road Surgery will comply with applicable environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice whilst committing to continuous improvement of our environmental management performance and the prevention of pollution.  We recognise that our key adverse environmental impacts are energy, fuel consumption and waste generation.

Patient Participation Group

Westwood Road Surgery is committed to continually improve our services by learning from and listening to our patients.

We now have a Patient Participation Group and we are always looking for new members, please ask Reception for a form or submit the form on our website.

The Westwood Road Statement of Purpose

Date:    01/06/2017

Review Date:   30/05/2018

Download our Statement of Purpose HERE

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